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Selfish Entertainment at SMWLA

Hey All:

This past week has been Social Media Week and LA is no joke.  From taking over Hollywood Blvd. from Highland to Labrea to free shows at Nokia Live in Downtown , his week has been amazing.  I know I know, lots of you can’t stand listening to panel discussions especially if they are not related to your field.  I must say this year was different.  I listen to about a dozen or so panels ranging from helpful tips on ways to get your business going  to the thousands of job opportunities that social media can afford.  This one panel held at io/LA was amazing.  It was the Smartest Women in the Room.  I must say I was truly impressed by the range of styles that these women implement to get to where they are now.

Speaking of io/LA, two major concepts mentioned this week were that of Incubators and Accelerators.  Incubators are places companies can join to get work space with power and internet access.  I hear you all rumbling, why pay a fee for space and internet?  I have that at home.  True but at home are you working amongst other startup companies like yours who might be able to propel you to that next level.  Or better yet, do you have access to the many mentors who have been in your shoes before? Many of whom will help you navigate the potential rough waters ahead? io/LA is one of these incubators and I must say, spending even just a few hours inside talking with members such as Postcards On The Run and Guitar Prodigy, I already felt inspired to go the distance with my company.  Now Accelerators are a different breed. Much like the incubators, accelerators have mentors and fellow members to converse with and some even have work space. However, financial backing and the help of big pushes by the founders, will take your company to the next level in no time.  My company didn’t fit that model simply for that fact that I am not ready to expand that fast but, for interested parties, companies like Launchpad LA will take in applications or referrals and get those companies where they need to go.  Advice I remember from the panel of accelerators was its all about the team especially the CEO and CTO.  The idea is important but not as big as the players running the show.

I was given a chance to speak and let people know about my services as a business.  This was instantly rewarded with present and future business opportunities from the many fledgling companies who came to SMWLA.  I love LA!  The fact that not only is this city filled with talented and creative people, but they are willing and insistant on helping new comers to the field get whatever leg up they can.  I can’t wait to get to work!


Lee Levin

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